Friday, December 12, 2014

Royal Philatelic Society Expert certificate - Forgery.

Following is the example of Royal Philatelic Society Expert certificate  - Expertising Certificate are Forged easily!!

1) Using photocopy (xerox) remove expert opinion and reuse it.

2) Print it yourself so no one will notice that it's forged.  ( If money or passport can be forged than what's the big deal about this piece of paper without any government undertaking.!!)

3) Be your own expert.!!  so you don't have to forged or cheat just issue certificate of your opinion.!!

This was on eBay for sale by "gandhiphilately" AKA "echobangla" from Australia.

But what amazed me is that 5 bidders are interested in this philately Gandhi material.

To me it's nothing but SHILL bidding were either seller is trying to bid it in order to increase price and to feel other that this is very important philatelic material.

To me this is not Philately Gandhi material a BOGUS (not issued) material which is glorified by stamp collectors in their stamp exhibit.

Also it is glorified in stamp collection HANDBOOK as philately material, which is nothing by a combination of authors and forgers(stamp collectors) trying to make money.


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