Thursday, July 31, 2014

Royal Philatelic Society Expertising Certificate or BPA Expert Certification Forgery or Reused ?

In past I read that this BPA expert certificate or RPSL certificate are even REUSED after removing writing on certificate using chemical or white tape and photocopying that one for future use.!! You can read that too by clicking following link of my blog post.

In June 2010, there was a Gandhi Service stamp for sale on eBay for $225,000 with RPSL expert certificate. But all information was hidden.!!!

Do you think it's FORGED or Reused?

To me it looks like something wrong when I see this kind of activity because they are hiding all information such as RPLS certificate #, Date, Signature and Submitted by etc.

Following is screenshot from eBay, which makes this as one of the most expensive stamp for sale in public auction on eBay by seller "tappalman" with very low feedback of 281.!! (seller don't exist.!! as changed id or discontinued !!) In past I wrote about this most expensive stamp and you can read by clicking following link.

What do you think about this Expert Certificate from Royal Philatelic Society London.?

Can you complain to  anyone if you buy this stamp with forged expertising certificate.?

I don't think so.!! You are on your own.!!