Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Stamp Expert Certificate - BPA Expertising stamp cert - Study of 20 years difference.

Self study for anyone interested to study about BPA stamp expert certificate.

BPA Expertising Ltd was originally set up by the British Philatelic Association which is now defunct and has been superceded by the Association of British Philatelic Societies (with whom BPA Expertising Ltd has no connection).

Following are  BPA Expertising stamp certificate issued from 1971 - 2014

You can do self study of this Stamp Expert Certificate and know more about it such as type of paper, quality of printing, number of certificate issued, Signature of Experts etc.

It's lot of money BPA made from 1992 - 2014 as they issued 45000+ (37503 - 83261) certificate and also lot of money for VAT and other TAX to EU government as they charge on catalog value.

Following is issued in 1992 :

Following is issued in 2012:

Following is issued in 2014

Muscat 1956 Green 1 1/2 a 1 1/2 d stamp

So what do you think about this  Stamp Expert Certificate - BPA Expertising stamp cert issued in last 20 years.!!

Now check out B.P.A Expertising certificate issued in 1989.


Now see how it was before BPA was defunct.

Does it make sense to get this kind of certificate ?

Don't you think it's easy to issue this certificate. ?