Sunday, April 20, 2014

What is Stamp Expertising Certificate

What is stamp Expertising ?

"Neither the Company nor the members of the Expert Committee can accept any liability, either collective or individual, for any opinion expressed."

Does this make sense to you to get stamp Expertising Expertizing Certificate.

To me any Expert Certificate or Stamp Expertizing does not add any value, because it looks like any one can give their opinion and call piece of paper as Expertising Certificate.

To become stamp Expert or to issue Expertising Certificate it's very easy. Just start it as don't need any of the following.
  • You don't need any college degree or certification or license from government.
  • There are no rules or law in stamp expertising certificate which needs to be followed and there is no overseeing authority who can revoke you as stamp expert or philatelic expert.
  • Even to open a store or company it require permit from local authority and they do all kind of inspection, background check etc. You don't need when you start issuing expertising certificate. 
  • It don't require physical address also as website is only requirement to become philatelic expert.
  • It's not even printed in with some special ink or paper or logos or watermark.
As there is no qualification needed I started my own stamp Expertizing Certificate. I just need to do following to make money.!!

1) Take a domain name on internet. (USPA Expertising Inc.) 
2) Print on and start giving certificate and make money .!!

Let me make sure that following is just for EDUCATING purpose only. I am not providing any certificate but trying to bring AWARENESS in stamp collecting cheating so don't try to think I am actually giving certificate.!!

I am thinking  to provided piece of paper as USPA Expertising Incorporated. Let me know if you need it.!!

I am not even going to spend money on creating website just make it available through blog only.!! even though domain name is available.!!  

Following will be my first Expertising Certificate.!!

I know it's Forgery (click following link to read about it)  philatelic item but I am issuing as GENUINE because I can give any opinion what ever I want to give.!! 

It's upto buyer to think whether it makes sense or not as they are paying money.!!

So this is a tale of Expertising Certificate.

Also thinking to write a philatelic handbook and become a world renowned author of Gandhi Stamps, so I can write incorrect information in it and sell all collectors can sell their forged items.

My goal is to make money so I will issue piece of paper and all experienced collector will display it in exhibit  and try to sell that items.

So make sure what you buying it or even reading it.

Do you think Expertising Certificate has any value.?

I don't think so because Expertising Certificate don't take any responsibility. It's just opinion.!!

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